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Based in the West Midlands and covering Birmingham and Worcestershire, Gold Star Gas Services recommends servicing your boiler and system on an annual basis. Not only does this ensure that your heating system is working effectively - reducing waste and increasing heating efficiency, regular servicing also helps minimise heating failures and expensive replacements ahead of time.

People often think that having their boiler serviced annually is just a way for a company to make money. That isn't the case. Regular servicing not only lengthens the life of the boiler and ancillary equipment, it also allows work to be done on parts that might be failing before they fail, often saving hundreds of pounds.

What we cover

Getting your gas appliances serviced regularly is essential. Boilers and other appliances should be given an annual service by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Gold Star Gas Services provide professional and reliable gas servicing to customers in Birmingham, West Midlands, Worcestershire and the surrounding areas. By having your boiler serviced regularly you take the first step to ensuring your system is operating safely and efficiently. You are also getting ahead on any repair that might have otherwise caused an inconvenient and costly breakdown.

Gold Star Gas Services offer the following services:

Boilers Installation

Boiler Repairs



Gas Heaters


Fully qualified Gas safe registered engineers Our Gas services and gas installation/ maintenance are carried out by qualified gas engineers, therefore you can rest assured that our gas services are of the highest standards. We offer a choice of servicing from emergency call outs to a regular maintenance plan to meet your needs for your heating or boiler system.

Emergency Callouts
We are happy to provide a 24 hour 7 days a week emergency call out service to deal with your heating problems. We will endeavour to restore heating on our first visit to reduce your call out charges wherever possible. Don't hesitate call us now to deal with your servicing needs.

What do we cover in our Annual Inspection?

  • All main parts are cleaned to prevent carbon monoxide incidents and improve gas efficiency.
  • We check for scale damage to the boiler and system.
  • We check for leaks and corrosion on radiators, radiator valves and exposed pipe work.
  • We check all your boilers controls and components

Useful questions you should ask yourself

Why should I be wary of companies offering service contract?
  • You pay in advance for service that most of you never use. They sell insurance.
  • Your boiler must break down to use their service!!!!!
  • Band-aid repairs!!! You cost them money when you call for service.
  • Inconvenience at it's best. First your boiler must break then you must wait!
  • Most of these companies are not licensed plumbers.

Should I have my gas boiler cleaned annually... ?
Yes. It is recommended that every gas burning appliance be inspected and cleaned annually by a qualified service technician.

What if my boiler is very old... ?
Boilers can last 10-20 years if they are properly cleaned and serviced every year. The advantage of upgrading is the money you'll save on fuel, the comfort you'll feel, and the peace of mind due to increased safety. New boilers heat up quicker which results in quicker heat to the radiator. New boilers have safety switches that old boilers lack.

Does my hot water heater need service... ?
Yes. Your heater like any gas burning appliance should be inspected cleaned and tested annually. We perform a through inspection, cleaning and testing of gas hot water heaters.

Boiler Servicing

12 point boiler service checks we perform

    Clean flue ways, visually inspect for signs of distress.
    Dismantle, clean dust / lint from air ports and arrestors.
    Inspect physical state of burning flame where applicable.
    Test manual / electrical ignition for effective lighting of burners.
    Check fuse rating is correct and physical state of wiring.
    Check correct operation of boiler controls.
    Check for any leaks to gas, water within the boiler casing.
    Test to specifications, correct size and sound.
    Casing screws and seals are functioning correctly.
    Check gas pipe sizes are correct for safe operation of boiler.
  • FANS
    Check correct operation and clean as necessary.
    Check boiler is installed as manufacturer’s instructions.
    Extremely important, especially conventional flue boilers.
    Is as manufacturer’s instructions and regulations.
    Smoke test flue effectiveness and leakage without appliance.
    Check correct operation of flue with appliance in place.
    Gas pressure is set to manufacturer’s data information.
    Check safety devices are working correctly.

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